Staking FAQ

How long does it take to unstake?

You may choose to begin unlocking your stake at any time but it will take 21 days for the unlocking process to complete.

After my stake is unlocked, how much time do I have to withdraw my CRA?

There is no time limit. CRA that is unstaked will stay in that 'state' until it has been withdrawn.

Will I earn rewards in the meantime on the CRA that is being unlocked?

No. CRA that is being unlocked will not count towards earning CRAM. In the case of a partial unstake, the remaining CRA still earn CRAM.
For example, a user has 200 CRA staked and earn 4 CRAM / week. When he starts the unstaking process for 100 CRA, he still earns 2 CRAM / week.

When I unstake CRA, does that reduce the maximum limit for CRAM I can hold as well?

Yes it does, but your current CRAM will not be taken away. You just won't be able to receive any more CRAM.
For example, you can have 100/0 CRAM if you unstake all your CRA.

Before unstaking, should I claim any available CRAM?

Yes, the rewards are calculated based on current staking amounts.
Can I buy CRAM on DEX without having CRA staked?
In order to hold CRAM in your wallet, you need to have at least 50 CRA staked.
CRAM Limit = (CRA Staked / 50) * 4

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