Crabada Whitepaper


Our founding team consists of ex-colleagues and friends, with multiple years of experience working on blockchain applications.

Oxtender (Co-Founder) | Twitter

Oxtender is responsible for business operations at Crabada. He has worked in product management roles across digital exchange and cloud backup products, with more than 4 years experience working on blockchain products. Previously, he ran a tech consulting business.

Jay (Co-Founder)

Jay is responsible for product design at Crabada. His latest stint was at Binance as a product designer with multiple years of experiences under his belt in UX/UI and product development.

Fuji (Co-Founder) | Twitter

Fuji is a responsible for blockchain engineering at Crabada. He has been working in blockchain space since 2016 for various duties such as smart contract implementation and Ethereum customization. He designed and implemented the very first backend system of a leading crypto wallet.

NH (Co-Founder)

NH is responsible for backend development at Crabada. He has 10+ years of experience in backend development and has 4 years of experience working on several crypto projects at Infinity Blockchain Labs.

Jessie Morii (Creative Lead) | Twitter

Jessie Morii is responsible for the creative direction of Crabada and also created the artwork for Crabada Lore and Storytelling. She has 5 years of experience as an illustrator and is also the creator of Froyocats.

LA (Game Leader)

LA is responsible for game development. He has more than 11 years experience in game development using Unity engine. Recently, he worked for one of the biggest game companies as a Lead Game Developer. Some of his previous works include "Brother in Arms" and "N.O.V.A Legacy".

Min (Lead Artist)

Min is lead Artist at Crabada. He has more than 10 years experience working as a game artist. Some of his previous works include “We Are Heroes” and “Captain Strike”.

Shinigummy (Marketing Lead) | Twitter

Shinigummy is the Marketing Lead at Crabada. He has more than 12 years of experience in advertising and marketing across several global agencies and design studios. Most recently, he was a Creative Lead for marketing and UX/UI in a digital exchange.
Car (Strategy Lead) | Twitter
crypt0xcar is responsible for strategic projects and operations within Crabada. He comes from a project management background and previously worked in finance.

OTS (Product Manager) | Twitter

OTS is an artist with a passion for style and storytelling. He is in charge of creative direction and product. He has worked on several entrepreneurial and creative projects for the last 4 years and is thrilled to experiment and collaborate with creators in the crypto community through blockchain games.
Rony (Product Manager)
Rony has experience in various industries and products as a PM for the past decade, ranging from finance, HR, fitness, dating, car rental, and till today, Crabada. He also enjoys being an entrepreneur from time to time.
Shincat (Community Manager) | Twitter
Shincat comes from a Game design background and has an accumulative 10 years of experience ranging from MMORPG, Social Casino as well as a Cryptocurrency exchange. Shincat has a keen interest in Web3 UX and Gamification.
ACV (Community Manager)
ACV is an experienced crypto native, trading since around 2012. He has been heavily involved in Defi and Community Management since 2017. He has worked for a number of high TVL and user count projects, and hope to use his expertise to create a fun, informative, and helpful community environment for all.