Crabada Whitepaper

General Info

Crabada - An Exciting Undersea Adventure Awaits🦀⚔️✨
🚨Our official website is (we are using .com)
Please stay safe and remain vigilant.
Set forth on your adventure in a prosperous undersea Kingdom with Crabada NFTs!
Battle and earn rewards effortlessly in idle gameplay!🪙

Battle Game Guide


CRA (Crabada)

CRA is a governance token that is rewarded via CRA Staking. CRA can be obtained via DEX on Avalanche C-Chain.

TUS (Treasure Under Sea)

TUS is the network token of Swimmer Network, and used to buy/sell Crabada on the Crabada Marketplace.
TUS can be obtained by swapping TUS for Gold Under Sea (GUS) on SpanDEX. TUS can also be obtained via DEX on Avalanche C-Chain.