Crabada Whitepaper

Chapter 4: Exploring the Undersea Kingdom

It’s Time for an Adventure in Crustaco Bay!

Ahoy Explorers! 🏴‍☠️

Here is where your journey begins. Explore the rich new lands of Crustaco Bay and uncover the treasures that lie within! As you battle your way through the islands in Adventure Mode, you will gain Player XP and earn Crystal Shells 🐚 which are needed to level up your Crabada. You will face different Mobs who become progressively harder to beat, with a final boss as the end of each map. But fear not, after clearing certain stages in Adventure Mode, you will have access to Special Mining Zones to earn even more valuable rewards and treasure.
Adventure Mode rewards you with:
  • Player XP ♾️
  • Crystal Shells 🐚
  • Access to Special Mining Zones - where you can send your Crabada out to Mine or Loot!

The Jolly Miner and the 40 Thieves (Mining & Looting)

Special Mining Zones

You made it! You’ve successfully gained access to the Special Mining Zones where you can mine or loot to earn valuable materials and Crystal Shells.
With these materials, you can:
  • Craft Food to feed your Crabada 🥪 (they need to be refueled after all that battling!)
  • Craft $GUS
  • Craft Equipment to be used in Crabada Battles or sold on the Crabada Marketplace
  • Sell these Materials on the Crabada Marketplace

Mining Zone Rewards:

Miners and Looters will receive the same amount of rewards regardless of the outcome of Battle.
  • Crystal Shells 🐚
  • Materials 🎁
  • 1x Material Chest
  • 1x Guardian’s Bounty for the winner of battle (excluding uncontested Mines)
  • Rubies (Max 100 per day for each game account)
  • Crystal Shells (+200 Crystal Shell Bonus for the first 3 Mines/Loots per day for each game account)
  • Player XP (Max of 300 XP per day per game account)

How many times can I mine or loot?

  • 6 Mines or;
  • 24 Loots

Energy Bubbles

Energy Bubbles are the energy required to fuel the industrious Crabada. It is consumed to initiate Battle Mining or Battle Looting activities in the Special Mining Zones.
What you need to know:
  • Every Crabada has a fixed amount of 24 Energy Bubbles per day
  • Every day at 0:00 UTC, your Crabada’s Energy Bubbles will be magically refilled!
  • 1 Mine/Loot consumes 4 Energy Bubbles 🔵 🔵 🔵 🔵

What to know about Battle Mining:

Unlocking Special Mining Zones doesn’t mean everyone gets to join in the fun. Your Crabada must have reached a certain level before being granted access to each Zone.
❗You will only be able to access battle mining on specific maps based on the level of each of your Crabada.
Note: this only applies to Battle Mining (NOT Battle Looting).
🔓 Different maps are unlocked as your Crabada levels up.

Levelling up your Crabada

As you advance through Adventure Mode, you will find that your enemies become more and more difficult to defeat. If you want to stand a chance at victory, you will need to level up your Crabada!


  • Levelling up Crabada requires 500 Crystal shells (earned from Adventure Mode and Mining/Looting missions)
  • Note that every level which is a multiple of 5 (ie. Level 5/10/15/20) requires 500 Crystal shells + 200 TUS

Arena Mode 🏆

Ascend to the top of the leaderboards in Crabada’s Arena Mode! Battle for the coveted title of Arena Champion and win weekly rewards!
Arena Mode is the perfect place for players to showcase their most powerful teams. Who will emerge as the Arena Champion in this exciting competition for Claw-Supremacy?
Find out everything you need to know about the Arena Mode here.
Do you have what it takes to become the most powerful Crabadian in the Seven Seas? Your destiny awaits. Start your journey in the Kingdom of Crabada today!