Crabada Whitepaper

Chapter 3: Preparing your Crabada for Battle

When it comes to your Battle Strategy, there are many factors that come into play; with each one having a different effect based on your opponent’s lineup. Here are the most important elements to consider when choosing your setup.

Crabada Purity

Crabada are divided into 8 different classes. with each class belonging to a certain Faction and playing a unique role in the Undersea Kingdom. Crabada with higher purity will have stronger stats.
A Crabada with the highest purity is shown as 6/6

Factional Advantage

There are 6 Factions which make up the Crabada population; each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
Learn more about Factions and Classes here.

Roles & Formation

If your ambition is to re-write history and rule over the Kingdom of Crabada, you’ll need to come up with a fool-proof plan to take on the most cunning enemies.
Some Crabs are born to defend and protect, whilst others have been trained to ruthlessly attack. In order for them to give their all, there are also Crabada who play a crucial role in providing foundational support.
  • Tanks - Surge, Bulk, Gem
  • Damage - Prime, Craboid, Ruined
  • Support - Sunken, Organic
A team with 1 Tank in the front and 2 Damage Crabada in the back
Each Crab will have a responsibility to take on as you deploy different strategies and team formations.
Want to learn more about each Crabada type? Check out our Crabadex!

Pincer Skills - ‘My Pincers are filled with Power!’

Pincers/Claws define the Pincer Skill that each Crabada will possess. Each pincer type has a unique attack that you will unleash on your enemies!
Watch out for the Frozen Tornado!
BTC Blast your enemy!
Can you survive this Rocket Barrage?
A full list of Crabada Pincers and its correlating Pincer Skill can be found in the Crabadex.

Eye effects - ‘Look into my Eyes and Tremble!’

Each eye type holds a special effect that has a chance of being triggered when an attack takes place. These eye effects come in the form of Buffs to the Crabada itself, or Debuffs to the enemy.

Some Examples of Buffs

  • Increase ATTACK
  • Immunity (Prevent harmful effects)
  • Recovery (Heals HP)
  • Invincibility (Take no damage)
  • Shield (Add a shield with HP)

Some Examples of Debuffs

  • Decrease ATTACK
  • Weaken (Additional damage taken for each turn)
  • Unrecoverable (Prevents healing)
  • Poison (Damage-over-Time effect)
  • Stun (Causes next turn to be skipped)
A full list of Eye Effects can be found here.
🦀 Great job! It looks like your teams are ready to explore the Kingdom of Crabada - now this is where the fun begins.