Crabada Whitepaper

Win Rate & Rewards

Winning Criteria

Scenario 1

When the miner or looter do not reinforce/attack until the end.
100% Success Rate when your Battle Points is higher than your opponent's Battle Points.
Eg. If the Looting Team has higher battle point than the Mining Team, the Looting Team has 100% success rate of a successful mission if the Mining Team do not reinforce twice for battle to the end.

Scenario 2

When Mining Party reinforces twice and fights back till the end.
Miner's Revenge which allows Mining Parties to have a lucky chance at victory even when faced with looting teams with higher Battle Points.
Miner’s Revenge calculation = Base Chance + Mine Point Modifier + Closeness of Battle Point
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Mining Rewards

Miner earns 100% of rewards.
  • 3.75 CRA
  • 303.75 TUS
*Mining Team earns 4 Loot Points per mine which is required for the Team to start a Looting Mission

Looting Rewards(I)

Looter earns 65% of miner’s rewards if he wins.
  • 2.7375 CRA
  • 221.7375 TUS

Looting Rewards(I)

Looter earns participation no matter win or lose.
  • 0.3 CRA
  • 24.3 TUS

Modifiers (Class)

  • As long as one team member is of valid class, the game is modified.
  • Two team member of same class does not increase the benefits more.
Prime Class - 10% bonus rewards from mining
  • Looting does not include bonus reward, its safe from looters
Mining Point - Shorter duration for Mining
  • If total mining point of a team is >230
    • 30 minutes less mining time required
    • Attack period is from 00:00 - 01:00