Crabada Whitepaper

Cooldown Periods


Each Crabada can only participate in one activity at at a time. When a Crabada is involved in an activity that is currently in progress, the Crabada cannot participate in other activities.
Certain activities also have cooldown periods. During a cooldown period, a Crabada rests to recover it's strength and will not be able to participate in any activities. After the cooldown period has ended, it is able to participate in activities again.

Cooldown Periods

Cooldown Period (CD)
Mining Expedition
No CD. Crabada can immediately start on the next Mining Expedition without resting.
Looting Mission
1 HR CD, starting from the time that the previous Looting Mission starts.
Battle (Reinforce from Tavern)
2 HR CD, starting from the time of reinforcement
Battle (Reinforce from Inventory)
0.5 HR CD, starting from the time of reinforcement