Crabada Whitepaper

Selling Equipment, Materials, and Material Chests

Access your Inventory and choose the category of items that you wish to sell.

Equipment, Materials, and Material Chests will be:

  1. 1.
    Tradable only in USDC
  2. 2.
    Enabled with whitelist feature
    1. 1.
      Whitelists can be managed with each account
    2. 2.
      Whitelisted addresses can have their own labels to avoid confusion, and be easily distinguishable for selection
  3. 3.
    Materials and Material Chests can be sold with the "Retail" or "Wholesale" options
    1. 1.
      Retail: Buyers can select their desired quantity to purchase from the available quantity of items
    2. 2.
      Wholesale: Buyers can only purchase the entire stack of items