Crabada Whitepaper

Managing Crabada (NFTs)

Managing Crabada Assets


Players can view their Crabada and Eggs that are currently in their wallet, as well as their balance of CRA and TUS.

Buy and Sell

The Crabada Marketplace
Players can browse through listings of Crabada to buy, as well as list their own Crabada for sale.
Players sell Crabada by creating a listing, with a specified ask price. Buyers are able to purchase the Crabada by spending TUS from theirwallet. Upon confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain, the settlement is settled instantaneously. The Seller receives TUS in his wallet, and the Crabada is transferred to the Buyer.
The native currency used for transactions will be TUS tokens.


In the first release, basic analytics are provided, including:
  • Total Crabada Sold over time
  • Total Volume over time
  • Average Price of Crabada over time
  • Recent Sales in the Marketplace


Sellers are charged a 3.85% fee on completion of a transaction.