Crabada Whitepaper

Buying Materials

All Materials on the Crabada Marketplace will be traded in USDC
To buy materials, access Marketplace in the section Materials, materials can be filtered by maps, names, price range, and selling quantity.

Retail and Wholesale Listings of Materials

Listed Materials can be purchased in specified quantities, or as a listed stack. These are known as Retail (1) and Wholesale (1).

Example of a Material Retail Listing

In a retail listing, buyers can select their desired quantity to purchase from the available quantity.

Example of a Material Wholesale Listing

In a wholesale listing, buyers can only purchase the entire stack of items.

Whitelisted Sales of Materials

The small icon on the top right corner (2) indicates that the listing is a whitelisted sale that is only available to you and other users who have been whitelisted by a seller. Users who are not added to this whitelist will not be able to see nor purchase it.