Crabada Whitepaper

Crabada Swap Step by Step Guide


(Sending request to swap with existing Swap Listing)
Find the Crabada you want to swap with under Marketplace (Not for sale) and click on the desired Crabada
Click on “Swap”
Select the crab you want to offer for swapping
Preview your offer before sending request.
*Input the desired offering price and check the value carefully before confirming and sending the request
View Details of your Swapping Request in Activity.
Click on “View Details” to review request.
Once the Receiver accepts your offer, you will be required to carry out a final confirmation.
Click on “Confirm” and you will have successfully carried out a Crabada Swap with the Receiver.
The Crabada Swap request can automatically fail due to the change in status of the Crabada, or be rejected by the Receiver.
If the request has been rejected by the Receiver, click on “Cancel” to reclaim your Crabada.


(Receiving request to swap with your listed Crabada)
View Crabada Swap requests for your Crabada under the Activity > Swapping.
Click on “View Details”
Click on “Confirm” after checking the Sender’s offer and wish to accept the offer.
After clicking “Confirm”, a notification will be sent to the Sender for confirmation.
Click on Reject if you do not want to accept the swap request

Swapping Tab

You can view all Crabada that are awaiting confirmations from either yourself or the counter-party under the ‘Swapping’ tab.