Crabada Whitepaper

Crabada Factions & Classes


Each Crabada has a primary attribute of faction, which is determined by it's class. Crabada inherit factional benefits and weaknesses based on the faction it belongs.
The 6 factions of Crabada


The 8 classes of Crabada
There are 8 classes in total.


A Crabada's base attributes are determined by it's class. Certain classes of Crabada enjoy higher base attributes.


Each Crabada has a primary attribute of Breed Type which can increase the amount of rewards mined when at least one Crabada of this class is in the Mining Party.
Mining speed of a Mining Expedition is also affected by cumulative speed attribute of the entire Mining Party, with a positive modifier that reduces total mining duration, up to a 30min reduction.

PvE, PvP Combat

Classes make certain roles in battle more suitable for each Crabada.
The three main Class archetypes consist of: Tanks, Damage, Support.

Breed Type

There are a total of 8 Breed Types in each Class.

PvE, PvP Combat

Each Crabada has a primary attribute of Breed Type which determines its Battle Skills. In combat, each Crabada can cast an active skill, as well as enjoy battle bonuses provided by its passive skill. These skills are determined by it's Breed Type.

Crabada Parts

Each Crabada is comprised of 6 body parts which determine its attributes, skills, and faction. Each body part will be associated with a specific Breed Type.
Each body part serves as an additional modifier to the Crabada's attributes.


Players can bring out the maximum potential of the team by balancing the composition of Crabada classes, choosing complementary Factions, combining skill synergies and positioning Crabada strategically in battle.