Crabada Whitepaper

The Forgotten Undersea Empire

Peace through conquest
Crustaco, an adventurer and explorer, ventured into a dark underwater wave and discovered crystals imbued with the power of the sea. Due to the the mysterious power that resided in them, he knew their unique value and named them "Treasure Under Sea" (TUS). Promising to change the world for the better, he led a force that conquered the Seven Seas and united all Crabada factions under his rule to become the King of the Crabs. Shortly after, the first Crabada Kingdom was born. This Kingdom stretched across the seven seas, and her legion of Hermit-Crab warriors so mighty that the ground would tremble when they move.
The wise and benevolent ruler
Utilizing the various strengths of the newly united Crab Factions, the first King of the Crabada planned to usher in the golden age for Crabkind.
With the science from the Order of the Lux, the process of cultivating these crystals was developed and refined. It was discovered that the key for TUS crystal to grow and multiply was to seed them deep underground.
The Machine Corps, masters of craft and engineering, designed massive contraptions that could dig deep into the ground efficiently, leaving the mighty Children of the Ore to operate them.
The King of the Crabada issued an Empire-wide decree to create 'Crystal Mines', a system designed specifically for growing TUS crystals for future generations to come. This system comprised of tunnels that bored deep underground with artificial caverns providing the perfect conditions for growing TUS crystals. With the powers of the TUS crystals, each cavern would develop it's own unique ecosystem like a living grotto and would also serve as a perfect place to store treasure.
Crabs of the Abyss, who were comfortable living underground in high pressured environments, tendered to the care of the growing crystals while fleet-footed Faerie Scouts patrolled the mines to protect them from looters.
Crabs of the Trench, known for their loyalty and determination, served as royal guards of the King and peacekeepers of the Empire.
With the newfound source of power from the TUS crystal, the new Crabada Kingdom enjoyed a century of prosperity...
..until one day, the King of the Crabada mysteriously disappeared.
In remote corners of the Kingdom, there was rumours of the Abyss Crab faction's involvement. Power vacuum, chaos and destruction
The Kingdom fell into disarray, with revolts across the seas as the once united Factions fought over territory and Crystal Mines, each making a claim to the throne.
Once again, the inhabitants of the land were dragged into conflict. The war was cruel, and escalated quickly.
Ceasefire, a new beginning
Armies decimated and with few survivors, the tribe elders of each Crabada Faction eventually convened to put an end to the war. They agreed to a new beginning. History would have to be forgotten and erased in order to move on.
They agreed on a radical plan to create a place for all crabs to live in harmony. The strongest of each factions would cast their eggs into the Sea Steppes to prepare the next generation to live without the bitterness of the past.
As part of the agreement to erase their violent history, the tribe elders and the remaining survivors sacrificed themselves by going into deep waters to hibernate, lost to the world.
The betrayal. Defection.
The treacherous Abyss Crab Elder, however, did not cease his aspirations for the throne, and schemed to betray the agreement. A secret trap was laid, while going along with the other Factions.
He left a scroll for the next generation of Abyss Crabs in the dark caves where they have a natural affinity to. This scroll contained a true recording of the events in history, the technology of the Kingdom, and the grand scheme for the Abyss Crabs to take the throne. This scroll also contained the location of the Abyss Crab Elder and the command to revive him when the time was right.
A new world
With the hatching of the eggs on the Sea Steppes, once again, Crabada will repopulate the land. This time without the mistakes of the past weighing on their back. Or will it?
Rediscover the ancient crab kingdom
A new generation has come, born into a land with riches hidden inside Crystal Mines and the wide span of the ancient Kingdom to explore. The Second age of Crabada has begun!