Crabada Whitepaper

Faction History

Crabs of the Abyss - Arctic Ocean
"The Deep .. beckons."
Legends speak of a treasure ring discovered in the deep, coldest cave of the Arctic ocean by a young archeologist, who found himself drawn to it's golden allure of power. For a while, this golden ring blessed the Crab with superb stamina and overwhelming might. He could not part from it, and it started affecting his behavior. He started preferring to stay in the dark. The dark was comforting and whispered to him. One day, there was an incident where a cave collapsed, trapping his team deep underground without hope for rescue. Some say the cave was cursed, and the brave but few explorers that ventured in mysteriously disappeared as well.
After many centuries, nearby villages exchanged reports of noises, and movement coming from the direction of the cave at night. Little did they know this was the birth of the Abyss Crabs faction.
Crabs of the Trench - Pacific Ocean, Mariana Trench
" Shiny? Not shiny. Shiny! "
Legends say the original Crabs of the Trench was a tribe of master excavators who focused on recovering sunken pirate treasure. Mission after mission was successful due to their detecting skills. They loved treasure and hoarded it away from prying eyes. They worshipped these artifacts of the past, and also adorning their bodies with it, believing it gave them power. Over time, these artifacts started fusing with their bodies, providing additional protection from fierce blows and increasing their hardiness. They seek to recover the golden ring of power from the Crabs of the Abyss to add to their collection of historical relics.
Children of the Ore - Indian Ocean
"Why you poking me again? "
Legends say the the Children of Ore was a family of hardworking and brawny workers who work in perfect synergy through harsh rocky underwater terrains to rebuild their home. Living in the warmest ocean in the world, their exterior strengthen and adapted to the environment over time. The elements of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf served as a training ground for them and the countless obstacles they faced fortified their mental strength. However, due to the high temperatures they grew to be short- tempered and adopted a stubborn and decisive attitude.
Order of the Lux - North Atlantic Sea
"Science.. and magic."
The very first sighting of the Order of Lux dates back to Greek mythology crafted and birthed in the Sea of Atlas. Fast forward to the 31st Century where science and technology accelerated in a rapid rate, it is rumored that the Order of Lux was the creation of gods and scientists that worked together both above and underwater for centuries.
Throughout the years, the Order of Lux advanced and improved deep within the Gulf Stream alongside luxurious cities like Miami.
Machine Corps - Southern Ocean
"Engine's running hot!"
The Machine Corp was developed in the Southern Ocean which contains massive deposit of oil and gas. They discovered crash site of a spaceship belonging to a highly advanced alien civilization. To protect them against the huge icebergs and predatory seals and whales, they found hardware and weaponry which they learnt and incorporated into their bodies, to become the perfect techno-warrior.
Family of Faeries - South Atlantic Ocean
"Shh.. I think that coral there is trying to say something."
Legends say the the Family of Faerie first originated from the Gough Island, the most remote and inaccessible island ecosystem in the South Atlantic Ocean. Living alongside vascular plants and breeding birds, they cultivated a peaceful community and became masters of survival. It was rumored that the crabs were blessed by nature herself as they dedicated themselves to protecting and restoring life and are seen as nature's most favored creation among all Crabkind.