Formation Rules
Basic Formation Table
Crabada will follow the Formation Rule in order, and priortize its targets based on the following:
1. Frontline Priority
Crabada in the Frontline (Column 1) will have priority to attack first.
Crabada will prioritize attacking all of enemy's Crabada in the frontline before targeting Crabada in the backline.
2. Same Row Rule
Crabada will prioritize attacking the enemy Crabada in the same row as itself.
3. Top to Bottom Rule
If enemy Crabada in same row is dead/non-existent:
Crabada will attack the next Crabada from top to bottom (Row 1 - Row 2 - Row 3)


* Assuming Team A has higher total speed, and Crabada A has the highest speed (refer to Turn Order for more information)
1. Frontline priority
Team A will prioritize attacking the frontline of Team B.
Team B will prioritize attacking the frontline of Team A.
2. Same Row
Team A : Crabada A will priortize attacking Crabada D / Crabada B will prioritize attacking Crabada D due to Frontline Priority / Crabada C will priortize attacking Crabada F
Team B : Crabada D will priortize attacking Crabada A / Crabada F will priortize attacking Crabada C / Crabada E will priortize attacking Crabada B
3. Top to Bottom Rule
Team A : If Crabada F is defeated, Crabada C will then attack Crabada D
Team B : If Crabada C is defeated, Crabada F will then attack Crabada A
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