Crabada Level System
Once Crabada are transferred into the Battle Game, they will inherit the Crabada Level System. Crabada Levels will directly affect the stat cap of each Crabada.
  • Starts at Level 1
  • Cap of Level 99
When a Crabada levels up, the Crabada’s stats will not be increased permanently. Crabada Levels serve to increase its stats and define its stat cap when a Crabada is Battling at full power.
Player needs to feed “Food” to their Crabada in order for the Crabada to Battle at its optimal potential.
When a Crabada is Level 12 with its Hunger Bar at only 20% full, the Crabada will only Battle at the level efficiency of Level 3 (Rounded up to the nearest whole number).
20% *12 = 2.4
2.4 rounded up to nearest whole number = 3

Levelling Cost Table

Crabada Levelling
For each level that is not a multiple of 5
(1-4 , 11-14 … 91-99)
500 Crystal Shells
For each level that is a multiple of 5
(5, 10, 15, 20 … 95)
500 Crystal Shells + 200 TUS

Resetting Crabada Levels

If you decide to reset your Crabada to level 1, 95% of Crystal Shells spent levelling the Crabada will be returned to you.
Player Receives
Crystal Shells Returned / Burnt
Crystal Shell
95% / 5%