Crabada Whitepaper


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Crabada? How many Crabada do I need to start playing?
You need 3 Crabada to form a team. You will be able to purchase them from the Crabada Marketplace.
How do I breed a Crabada?
Go to Marketplace > My Account > Inventory > Breed
What are Breeding Coins? Do I need to swap my CRA for it?
Breeding Coins are a one-time special token given to our early adopters and can only be used in our Special Breeding Event. You do not need to swap CRA for it.
What will the currency for the Crabada Marketplace be? Is it TUS or CRA?
TUS will be used as the native and in-game currency.
Can players Mine/Loot with 2 teams simultaneously?
Yes. Currently, players will be able to deploy a maximum of 3 teams to Mining/Looting activities. Players will be able to increase their team limit using TUS permanently.
How many times can I breed a Crabada?
The maximum breed count for a Crabada is 5.
How long does the breeding process take?
The process to obtain a Crabada Egg is instant. It will take 5 days for the Egg to hatch.
Where do I go if I need help?
Stay connected to our community on telegram/discord and ask for help there first before reaching out to the team directly.
My Crabadas are stuck in the Idle game, how can I withdraw?
You can access this doc for step-by-step guidance