Crabada Whitepaper


Lend & Hire Crabs

Hiring Crabs

Players that do not have available Crabada for reinforcement can visit the Tavern to hire Crabada.
Once a Crabada is hired, it will join your battle as reinforcement. After the end of the battle, the Crabada returns to the Tavern.

Lending Crabs

Players that have idle Crabada can deploy them to the Tavern. These Crabada are added to the pool of available Crabada-for-hire.
When a borrowed Crabada participates as reinforcement in battle, it is affected by a cooldown before it can borrowed again.
Players are able to withdraw their Crabada as long as it is not in battle.

Setting Price

Players are able to set a price at which to lend their Crabada. Market transaction data is provided to help players make the best decision. Prices can be updated by the player at any time.
*Crabada listed above 330 TUS will not be displayed in tavern.