Lucky Draw Guide

Lucky Draw Information

  • Lucky Draw will be held at a fixed time every week (Wednesday 12pm UTC — Monday 12pm UTC)
  • Results will be announced by Tuesdays, 12pm UTC
  • Lucky Draw will run for a duration of 18 weeks
  • Each week, 3 Genesis and 7 Pure Crabada will be up for grabs
  • One Ticket = One Amulet ($CRAM)
  • There are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase
  • 1 person with multiple tickets can win multiple times from different tickets
  • Each ticket can only win once
  • There are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase
  • Ticket Numbers bought will be in sequential order E.g. If you bought 1,000 Tickets, your Ticket numbers will be #823 to #1,822
  • Prizes that are not won will be shifted to future bonus draws after the 18 weeks (See section on “No Winner” below)
  • Purchased tickets are non-reversible and non-refundable

Winning Odds Calculations and Mechanics

Winning Odds Calculation
Winning odds = No. of tickets you bought / Available $CRAM Supply
Available CRAM Supply Calculation
Available CRAM supply = No. of existing $CRAM - $CRAM in LP pool - $CRAM in project and burn wallets
Your winnings odds will change depending on the Available $CRAM supply at the current time. When Lucky Draw ends, a snapshot of the Available $CRAM Supply will be taken to determine the final Winning Odds.
Final Winning Odds
When Lucky Draw is closed for submission, the value of available CRAM supply is locked immediately.
Then Winning Ticket ID = blockhash % available CRAM supply + 1
No Winner
Winning Ticket IDs that are drawn which are not bought by any users will be counted as a 'No Winner'
The ‘No Winner’ prizes are shifted to the end of 18 weeks to be distributed via additional Lucky Draws. How the Lucky Draws will be held are determined by the number of prizes that are left over.

Step by Step Guide

Go to (Bookmark and always make sure that URL is correct).
  1. 1.
    Click on Connect Wallet and Sign with your Metamask account
2. Click Approval and approve Metamask pop up.
3. Click on Rules to view Lucky Draw Rules.

Main Page

1. Input the amount of Tickets you want to buy and click on Buy Ticket.
2. Click on Ticket after confirmation to see your Ticket number.
Ticket Numbers are in sequential order (in following order)
Example : if you bought 1000 tickets your ticket number will be from Ticket Number 823 to 1822
3. Hover over tool tip '?' to view the Calculation of Winning odds.
4. After a Lucky Draw ends, click on Result to check if you won from the Ticket # or your wallet address.
5. Go to your Crabada Marketplace Inventory and admire your newly won Crabada !