Crabada Whitepaper

Increase Total Number of Team

Increase number of total teams (Idle Game)

  • Each player is limited to a maximum of 3 teams by default
  • Player can spend 12500 TUS to permanently increase the total teams you have by 1
  • Adding Teams through link below only increases the number of teams within the Idle Game.
Click here to start adding teams.
(Swimmer Network)

What's the benefit?

When team size is increased, player can play more games concurrently.
Eg, with 3 teams (the default), you can play up to 3 games concurrently using 9 Crabada.
With 4 teams, you can play up to 4 games concurrently using 12 Crabada.
With 5 teams, you can play up to 5 games concurrently with 15 Crabada