Crabada Whitepaper

Factional Advantage Guide (Idle-Game)

The Factional Advantage feature is a new feature we are introducing to the Idle-Game mode, as a way to diversify gameplay and introduce more PvP mechanics. This new feature will not affect Miner’s Revenge, which remains the same as before.
Factions & Classes
How is the Factional representation of a team decided?
  • Factional representation of a team is decided by the majority faction out of the 3 Crabada in a team
    • ORE | ORE | ORE => Factional representation = ORE
    • ORE | ORE | LUX => Factional representation = ORE
    • ORE | MACHINE | LUX => No Factional representation
How does Factional Advantage affect gameplay?
  • As shown above, different Factions will have advantages and disadvantages against each other
  • Factional Advantage will cause a 7% decrease of Battle Points (BP) of the Faction in disadvantage
  • When a team represented with a LUX faces a ORE / FAERIE team = ORE / FAERIE team BP will be decreased by 7%
  • When a ABYSS team faces a TRENCH / MACHINE team = TRENCH / MACHINE team BP will decrease by 7%
What if a team does not have a Factional representation due to 3 Crabada from 3 different factions?
  • Team without a Factional representation will take a 3% decrease in BP when attacking, or when under attack by other teams with a Factional representation
The Factional Advantage will only be applied for the initial 3 Crabada of the team
  • It is not affected by the 2 Crabada from reinforcements
  • Miner’s Revenge formula is unchanged, and applied on top of Factional Advantage

Example of Factional Advantage in the Idle-Game

In the above example, a team with the Factional representation of Machine Corps exerts their Factional Advantage over a team belonging to the Order of the Lux, therefore resulting in a 7% decrease in the latter team’s total Battle Points, and hence an advantage.