Crabada Whitepaper

Mobile CAPTCHA Guide (Anti-Bot)

1.Go to Explore > Start Looting and select a mine you would like to loot.
2.Click on the Attack button
3.Select a team you would like to use to loot this mine.
4.A Captcha will appear and you will need to pass the captcha successfully.
5.Confirm the transaction on the Metamask pop up after successfully passing the captcha challenge
6. Your looting mission will begin after transaction successfully completes!

Looter's Lock and Resend Window

If you passed the captcha successfully but choose to reject the transaction, you can still resend the transaction by clicking the ‘Resend’ button under Manage Team > Team Selected.
Resend Window = 10 minutes from passing captcha
If you choose not to resend within 10 minutes from passing captcha.
Your team will be locked for 20 minutes from passing the captcha.


  1. 1.
    Player wants to loot
  2. 2.
    Player passes captcha (20 min lock)
  3. 3.
    Player rejects the transaction
First 10 minutes. Player is able to resend team to loot or send team to mine.
After 10 minutes, player is able to send team to Mine, but not Loot until another 10 minutes later.