Crabada Whitepaper

Game Mechanics


Reward Amount

Prime Crabada specialize at mining and can collect more treasure during the Mining Expedition. By having them in your Mining Party, mining rewards will be increased by an additional 10%.


Each Mining Expedition can be shortened by using Crabada that are high in speed. When Mining Party has >230 Mining Points in total, the duration of a Mining Expedition can be shortened by 30mins, leaving a remaining mining time of 3.5 hours.

Activities and Cooldowns

Each Crabada can only participate in one activity at at a time. When a Crabada is involved in an activity that is currently in progress, the Crabada cannot participate in other activities.
Certain activities also have cooldown periods. During a cooldown period, a Crabada rests to recover it's strength and will not be able to participate in any activities. After the cooldown period has ended, it is able to participate in activities again.

Cooldown Periods

Cooldown Period (CD)
Mining Expedition
No CD. Crabada can immediately start on the next Mining Expedition without resting.
Looting Mission
1 HR CD, starting from the time that the previous Looting Mission starts.
Battle (Reinforce from Tavern)
2 HR CD, starting from the time of reinforcement
Battle (Reinforce from Inventory)
0.5 HR CD, starting from the time of reinforcement

Activity Frequency

Looting Missions require more active involvement from the player than Mining Expeditions, but take a shorter time to complete as compared to the fixed duration of Mining Expeditions.
Due to the possibility of reinforcements in battle, Looting Missions have a variable duration ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours to completion. Active players with a strong Crabada Team could potentially benefit more from participating in Looting Missions instead of Mining Expeditions.
Based on the scenario where a player primarily does Looting Missions, and is able to complete the Looting Missions without facing reinforcements from the players that are mining, they are able to complete up to 24 Looting Missions in one day.
Minimum No. of Times Per Day
Maximum No. of Times Per Day
Mining Expedition
Looting Mission

Looting Mechanics

Looting Window

A Mining Party can only be targeted for looting in the first 1.5 hours of mining, depending on the cumulative speed attribute of the Mining Party. The higher the team's cumulative speed is, the shorter their duration of vulnerability to looting is.
Once the window for Looting is passed, the Mining Party will safely finish their Mining Expedition.

Looting a Mining Party with Reward Modifier

Any modifiers to reward amount are not subject to being looted when the Mining Party loses the battle.
Each Mining Expedition can only be attacked once. After a Mining Expedition is attacked, it cannot be attacked again for the remainder of the Mining Expedition.

Combat Mechanics


Both players will have the opportunity to hire up to two additional Crabada to join the battle.
When a Mining Party is being raided, the defending player (Mining Party) can choose to hire one Crabada as reinforcement within 0.5 hours of being raided. When this happens, the attacking player (Looting Party) can then choose to respond with their own reinforcement of one Crabada within 0.5 hours of the Defender's reinforcement.
Following the first round of reinforcements, a second reinforcement opportunity is offered to the Defender, and then the Attacker, before the outcome of battle is calculated.
If the Defender does not choose to reinforce in either round, the Attacker will not be able to do so as well.

Winning Combat

The winner of the battle is determined by the highest total combat attribute points of each party.
Combat attribute points are calculated as so: Total Health + Defense + Attack of the team Defender wins when: Mining Party's Combat Attribute Points > Looting Party's Combat Attribute Points
Attacker wins when: Looting Party's Combat Attribute Points > Mining Party Combat Attribute Points
If the combat attribute points for both parties are equal, the Defending team wins. Let battle be joined!

Miner's Revenge

Miner’s Revenge is a new mechanic that allows Mining Parties to have a lucky chance at victory even when faced with looting teams with higher Battle Points.

Key Points

Higher total team mine points = Higher chance of Miner’s Revenge activating
Lower the difference between miner and looter battle points = Higher chance of Miner’s Revenge activating
(Total MP/BP including reinforcements)


Miner must reinforce twice.
*Miner’s Revenge will only be activated if the Mining Party reinforces twice and fights back till the end.
Full Guide here.