Crabada Whitepaper

To The Moon

The Crabada have well-adapted to their treacherous, ever-changing environments, ensuring its survival as a species.
As time passed, the Crabada began to venture into the vast beyond, in search of new resources and greater wisdom in a mission to further advance the Crabadian race.
Before leaving Crustaco Bay, the Crabada left their extensive knowledge and experience behind through heirlooms, called the Pearls of Inheritance…
Note: Using the “To The Moon” feature will result in the selected Crabada being burnt
A player can obtain Inheritance Pearls by using the “To The Moon” feature!
Each part of the Crabada that is sent to the Moon will result in 300 Inheritance Pearls corresponding to that part’s DNA.
For example, if a Crabada has 3 Prime parts, 2 Bulk parts, and 1 Organic part, sending this Crabada to the Moon will result in:
  • 900 Pearls of Prime
  • 600 Pearls of Bulk
  • 300 Pearls of Organic
Inheritance Pearls are required for:
  • Crabada Awakening
  • Transcendence
  • Leveling Up Transcended Crabada
  • Crafting Battle Potions