Crabada Whitepaper

Repairing your equipment

Equipment are fiercely used in battles which causes them to gradually be worn out.
Newly crafted Equipment will start with a Durability attribute of [3000], and reduced with each battle that it has been through.
A player can spend Ruby to repair damaged Equipment when its Durability is under [100]. Each repair will reset the Equipment’s Durability back to [3000].
The cost of repairing a piece of Equipment at [100] Durability is the same as the cost of repairing it at [0] Durability.
If the durability of a piece of Equipment becomes [0], the Equipment will be disabled for all game modes.
Note: When a piece of Equipment is disabled due to its durability being worn out to [0], the Equipment’s stats and effects will not be active in all game modes.
Each time the equipment is repaired, the cost for its next repair will be increased.
However, certain pieces of Equipment that are received as in-game rewards (such as Equipment Boxes from Arena rewards) will not be repairable (nor tradeable on the marketplace).
These Equipment will be destroyed when its Durability reaches [0], or when it expires.