Crabada Whitepaper

Power-Up Equipment

Equipment can be Powered-Up to reach its true potential. Equipment that are higher in rarity will receive greater stat increments for each level that they are Powered-Up.
A player will require Power-Up Pearl and Ruby to Power-Up their Equipment.
Equipment can be Powered-Up to a maximum of +15. When a piece of Equipment is Powered-Up to +15, its Main Stat will be greatly increased!
When Powering-Up a piece of Equipment, the Main Stat will always be improved. The Equipment’s Sub-Stats are affected when Powering-Up it up at +4, +8 and +12.

The Relationship Between Power-Ups & Sub-Stats

When a piece of Equipment reaches a certain number of Power-Ups (at +4, +8, +12), it may:
  • receive a new Sub-Stat; OR
  • have ONE of its existing Sub-Stats upgraded
This is dependent on its Rarity and its existing number of Power-Ups. The Sub-Stat which is added or upgraded will be chosen at random.

Rate of Success

The rate of success for each Power-up will depend on the current level of the piece of Equipment.
Powering-Up a piece of Equipment from +1 to +3 has a 100% success rate. This success rate will be decreased as the Equipment gets more Powered-Up.
Note: The rate of success will be increased with each successive failed Power-Up, until the Power-Up succeeds.