Crabada Whitepaper

Crafting Equipment

To craft Equipment, a player needs Materials, which can be obtained from Mining or Looting, and Ruby.
There are unique 9 Sets of Equipment, containing 108 pieces of beautifully designed Equipment, each with specific Materials required to craft them.

Crafting Guide

When crafting a piece of Equipment a player has to select a combination of 4 options:

i) Type of Equipment ii) Equipment Group Set iii) Equipment Rarity iv) Class
Hot Tip: You can batch craft Equipment if you have enough Materials for them!

Type of Equipment

Select whether you wish to craft a Weapon, Helm or Shield.

Equipment Group Set

A player is required to choose between 3 Equipment Group Sets, each containing 3 Sets of Equipment. The Equipment that is crafted will belong to 1 of the 3 sets within the selected Equipment Group Set at random.
  • Group Set 1: #1, #2, #3
  • Group Set 2: #4, #5, #6
  • Group Set 3: #7, #8, #9

Equipment Rarity

This will determine the rarity of the crafted piece of Equipment. Equipment crafting of higher rarities can only be carried out by players at higher levels.
  • Common — Rare: All levels
  • Rare — Epic: Requires Level 40 (Small chance of Common Equipment)
  • Epic — Legendary: Requires Level 80 (Small chance of Rare Equipment)


A player will need to select 2 of the 8 classes. This selection will determine the Hidden Stat of the Equipment.