Crabada Whitepaper
Challenge Mode


Duel mode

Host a 1 vs 1 match and where the duel cost in TUS is paid by the loser (Duel Cost)
  • Duel cost is burnt and does NOT go to winner
  • No Minimum Duel Cost
  • Maximum of 100,000 TUS for duel cost
  • Flat fee of 10 TUS is taken from host as well as challenger.
  • Once a duel is accepted by one other player it will become invalid If Duel Cost is >0
  • If Duel Cost is 0 there will be no limit to number of challenge
  • If a challenger's total stats is over 10% more than the host the challenge will not be valid

Important Notes

  • Crabada in Challenge mode can still be involved in Adventure / Battle Mining and Looting
  • Crabada hunger bar will be counted at the point user setup a challenge.
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Duel mode