Crabada Whitepaper


Mining and Looting Rewards

Miners and Looters will receive the same amount of rewards regardless of the outcome of Battle.
  • 1x Material Chest
  • 1x Guardian’s Bounty for the winner of battle (excluding uncontested Mines)
  • Rubies (Max 100 per day for each game account)
  • Crystal Shells (+200 Crytal Shell Bonus for the first 3 Mines/Loots per day for each game account)
  • Player XP (Max of 300 XP per day per game account)

Daily Crystal Shell Bonus

Players will be rewarded with a bonus amount of 200 Crystal Shells for each of the first 3 Mines/Loots daily!

Material Chests

Material Chests from Special Mining Zones
Players will receive ONE Material Chest upon completion of a Mine or Loot, regardless of the outcome!
The Material Chest that is rewarded is dependent on the Special Mining Zone that the player chooses to Mine or Loot in. Materials are received when a player opens a Material Chest that is in their inventory.
The quantity of Materials that are contained within each Material Chest is randomized.
Legend has it that a few brave warriors would be blessed with the Wealth of the Forbidden Lands at every passing of the Golden Moon.
In these rare occurrences, the spoils within a player’s Material Chest could be blessed with up to a 10,000x multiplier.

Crafting $GUS from Materials

Gold Under Sea ($GUS)
The Materials that are obtained from Material Chests can be combined to create $GUS through a player's in-game inventory.
  • 5 specified Materials are required each time for crafting $GUS
  • Each round of crafting will give players 51 $GUS