Crabada Whitepaper

Pincer Skills

My Pincers are Filled with Power!

Pincers/Claws define the Pincer Skill that each Crabada will possess. *snibsnib*
The list of Crabada Pincers and its correlating Pincer Skill can be found on the Crabadex.

Pincer Skill Bar Rule

Each Crabada has a Skill Bar displayed during a Battle.
The Skill Bar will start at [50%] at the beginning of the battle.
Max Skill Bar value is [150].
The Skill bar will be filled after each action below:
  • Carry out Normal Attack => Fill up an amount equal to the Speed of Crabada
  • Get hit by Normal Attack or Enemy's Single-Target Pincer Skill => Fill [25]
  • Get hit by a Critical Hit from Normal Attack => Fill [50]
After Skill Bar is filled to [150], the Crabada's next turn will trigger its Pincer Skill and the Skill Bar value is reset to [0].