Factional Advantage (Battle Game)
There are 6 Factions in Crabada world.
Each Crabada has a primary attribute of faction, which is determined by its class. Crabada inherit factional benefits and weaknesses based on the faction it belongs.

Factions & Classes

Factions & Classes
  • ABYSS => class RUINED
  • TRENCH => class SUNKEN
  • ORE => class SURGE and BULK
  • LUX => class PRIME and GEM
  • MACHINE => class CRABOID
  • FAERIES => class ORGANIC


Faction bonuses will now apply to each attack on individual Crabada instead of the team.

Individual Faction Bonus

  • Crabada will have [15%] DMG boost against the Crabada of a faction that it has an advantage over
Eva (Organic) getting bonus DMG on C-Rex (Bulk)
For example: FAERIES (ORGANIC) will have [15%] damage boost when it attacks BULK (ORE) or RUINED (ABYSS).