Crabada Whitepaper

Crabada Level System

Once Crabada are transferred into the Battle Game, they will inherit the Crabada Level System. Crabada Levels will directly affect the stat cap of each Crabada.
  • Starts at Level 1
  • Cap of Level 99
When a Crabada levels up, the Crabada’s stats will not be increased permanently. Crabada Levels serve to increase its stats and define its stat cap when a Crabada is Battling at full power.
The Crabada level will stick to the Crabada when selling or gifting it to another player.
Player needs to feed “Food” to their Crabada in order for the Crabada to Battle at its optimal potential.
When a Crabada is Level 12 with its Hunger Bar at only 20% full, the Crabada will only Battle at the level efficiency of Level 3 (Rounded up to the nearest whole number).
20% *12 = 2.4
2.4 rounded up to nearest whole number = 3

Crabada Leveling Cost Table

Crabada Level
For each level that is not a multiple of 5
(1-4 , 11-14 … 91-99)
500 Crystal Shells
For each level that is a multiple of 5
(5, 10, 15, 20 … 95)
Under Level 50: 500 Crystal Shells + 200 $GUS Level 50 and above: 500 Crystal Shells + 250 $GUS + Increments of 50 $GUS for every 5 levels E.g. Level 50 - 250 $GUS Level 55 - 300 $GUS Level 60 - 350 $GUS

Resetting Crabada Levels

If you decide to reset your Crabada to level 1, 95% of Crystal Shells spent levelling the Crabada will be returned to you.
Player Receives
Crystal Shells Returned / Burnt
Crystal Shell
95% / 5%

Auto Level-Reset System of Crabada Levels

Do ensure resetting your Crabada level to receive your Crystal Shells before selling or gifting the Crabada to another player.
If a player transfers a Crabada without resetting its level in the battle game, the original game account will only receive 80% of total Crystal Shells as compared to the 95% when the Auto Level-Reset is triggered.
When transferring/selling a Crabada whose level is higher than 1:
  • In the scenario that the receiving account DOES NOT participate in any Battle Game activity with the received Crabada, you will not get your Crystal Shells back from that Crabada
  • The Crabada level is NOT immediately reset upon the transfer of ownership
  • A player can expect to receive Crystal Shells only when the Auto Level-Reset has been triggered
An Auto Level-Reset will only be triggered on the receiving account where a player:
  • Is gifted a Crabada
  • Receives a Crabada from a swap
  • Buys a Crabada from a Marketplace listing
Auto Level-Reset will be triggered by the receiving account if it is used in the Battle Game as such:
  • Level Reset for Crabada
  • Level up Crabada
  • Feed Crabada
  • Start Adventure Mode map with Crabada in team
  • Start Battle Mining with Crabada in team
  • Start Battle Looting with Crabada in team
  • Participate in Challenge Mode with Crabada
Auto Level-Reset WILL NOT be triggered by these following actions:
  • Breeding
  • Listing Crabada for sale
  • Gifting a Crabada
  • Swapping a Crabada
  • Transferring a Crabada to/from Battle Game

Battle Mining

You will only be able to access battle mining on specific maps based on the level of each of your Crabada
Accessibility to the different stages is determined by specific Crabada Levels where different maps are unlocked as the Crabada levels up.

Read more details here at Mining and Looting​