Crabada Whitepaper

Battle Game Glossary

Here are the terms used in the Battle Game and their definitions, to ensure consistency when referring to different objects/mechanics in the Battle Game.

Pincer Skill

Special skill from pincer/claw.

Eye Effect

Effects from a Crabada’s Eyes.

Additional Normal Attack Effects

Effects from a Crabada’s Eyes.

Individual Faction Bonus

Damage boost when a Crabada attacks a Crabada of a Faction that it has an advantage over.

Player Level

The level of a player in a Battle Game. Defines the Crabada Level cap.

Crabada Level

The level of a Crabada in the Battle Game.

Crabada Level System

The system by which Crabada are granted levels in the Battle Game.

Stat Cap

The maximum amount that a stat can go.

Hunger System

A system where hunger affects the Level Efficiency of Crabada.


Hunger affects the effective level of a Crabada.

Level Efficiency

Current effective level of a Crabada, depending on how full the Hunger Bar is (Level is rounded up to the nearest whole number)

Hunger Bar

A meter that shows how full the Crabada is. Filled up with Food.


Food to feed Crabada. Crafted by combining 5 Material.


Sub-Account System. Also more commonly known as Scholarships.


Also more commonly known as Scholars.


General term for resources in Battle Game. Obtained from Special Mining Zones.

Energy System

A system where Energy Bubbles is used for players to engage in Battle Mining and Battle Looting.

Energy Bubbles

A currency that is spent by players to initiate Battle Mining or Battle Looting.

Crystal Shell

Battle Game currency. Earned from Adventure Mode. Used to level up Crabada.

Adventure Mode

PvE mode. A series of levels where players can progress and clear certain stages to unlock new Special Mining Zones.

Special Mining Zones

Zones that players can spend Energy Crust to engage in Battle Mining or Battle Looting.

Battle Mining/Battle Mining Expedition

Mining Expedition in Battle Game.

Battle Looting/Battle Looting Mission

Looting Mission in Battle Game.