Crabada Whitepaper

Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode will be
Ahoy Explorers!
Go on an exciting adventure to explore the rich new lands of Crustaco Bay and uncover the treasure that lie within!
The islands and mobs will vary in difficulty and carry different materials which will be essential for crafting Food and TUS.
Adventure Mode is open for players to play for an unlimited number of times!
*Bonus rewards will be given when a stage is first cleared
Adventure Mode will reward players with:
  • Player EXP
  • Crystal Shell (for Crabada levels)
  • Unlocking Special Mining Zones (for Materials)
*Materials are NOT available through Adventure Mode, and only obtainable through Battle Mining & Looting
The Adventure Map contains multiples node with a structure as below:
  • Normal node: [1-> 4], [6 → 9], [11 → 14], [16 → 19]
  • Small Island nodes: [5, 10, 15]
  • Boss Island node: [20]
  • Players can only unlock Special Mining Zones in Small and Boss Island nodes

Battle Mining and Looting

Players will be able to access new Special Mining Zones for Battle Mining & Looting after they have cleared specific stages in Adventure mode.

Access to Battle Mining in Special Mining Zones

Players will only be able to access Battle Mining in Special Mining Zones based on the following criteria:
1. Clear specific maps in Adventure Mode to unlock access to each Special Mining Zone
2. Each individual Crabada has to be of certain levels to participate in Battle Mining in the different Special Mining Zones
Only applicable to Battle Mining and NOT Battle Looting

Read more details here at Battle Mining and Looting​