Crabada Whitepaper

Disabling and Deleting Sub-Accounts

You may disable or delete a Battle Game sub-account from:
  • Account list view
  • Account details view

Important Notes

If you choose to:
  1. 1.
    Disable a Sub-Account: The account will be locked and access to the Battle Game will no longer be possible.
    • All actions like Withdraw, Deposit, Transfer Crabada will still be functional
    • Disabled accounts can be re-enabled
  2. 2.
    Delete Sub-Account: This account will be completely removed and at the same time:
    • All Crabada in this account will be reset to level 1 and transferred to main account
    • Crystal Shells spent on upgrading all Crabada in this account will be burnt
Changing of emails do not log the user out of the account hence ensure that you disable the account before reassigning the Sub-Account to another Disciple
You will be prompted accordingly to whichever action you choose to trigger.
Disable account can be re-enabled. The Sub-Account will regain access to Battle Game again once re-enabled.