Crabada Whitepaper

CRA Staking Program

The lockup durations and interest rates are as follows:
  • 30-Day Term (5.5% APY)
  • 60-Day Term (6.1% APY)
  • 90-Day Term (6.8% APY)

CRA Staking Mechanics

Staking Plans are not Mutually Exclusive

  • You can stake CRA on multiple plans at once
  • You can stake CRA to each plan multiples times

Staking Plans are Accumulative

  • When a user stakes CRA over multiple instances for the duration of a single term, - The staking amount is accumulative, and - The end-date of the lock period will remain the same as when the plan was first started

Rewards are Accumulative

  • Reward amount is based on the duration that the CRA was staked in the plan
  • Reward amount can be claimed when the lockup term has been completed

Staked CRA and Plan Rewards are received at the end of the plan

  • CRA staked in the plan will be automatically unstaked upon claiming your rewards.
  • To restake the CRA simply start another plan
Below is an example scenario of how CRA is accumulative on the same term, and how the reward amount is calculated:
Day 0: Alice stakes 100 CRA for 30-Day Term. Total Stake = 100 CRA, Lock Period ends on Day 30.
Day 5: Alice stakes 200 CRA for 30-Day Term: Total Stake = 300 CRA, Lock Period ends on Day 30.
Rewards: Reward1 = 100 CRA * 30 Days Reward2 = 200 CRA * 25 Days (from Day 5 to Day 30)
Total Rewards = Reward1 + Reward2