Crabada Whitepaper

Staking CRA (Legacy)

CRAM is being depreciated within the ecosystem but still remains available temporarily

Crabada Amulets (CRAM) Token

Symbol: CRAM (ERC-20 Token)
Tradable on DEX (CRAM-TUS LP)
*No supply cap

Token Address:

💠 CRAM Token: 0xd2cd7a59aa8f8fdc68d01b1e8a95747730b927d3
💠 CRAM-TUS LP: 0x134905461773eF228b66CEBd5E1FF06D7CC79B12

Earning CRAM

Based on number of CRA tokens that are staked, user is rewarded with amulets (CRAM) once per week. Eg. For every 50 CRA staked, the player will get 1 CRAM per week.
CRA staked
CRAM per week
Please note that amulets (CRAM) are only awarded on a 1-1 basis and any CRA/CRAM ratio that results in a fraction will be awarded at the rounded down number

Maximum CRAM per user

There is a maximum number of CRAM that you can hold depending on amount of CRA staked.
Calculated by : Staked CRA / 50 * 4
*When user stake more CRA maximum number of CRAM will be increase immediately
10,000 CRA staked to earn 200 CRAM a week
Maximum CRAM = (10,000/50) * 4 = 800 CRAM

Claiming CRAM over maximum limit

Claiming CRAM over maximum limit will result in remaining CRAM not being created.
User stakes 100 CRA to obtain 2 CRAM on a weekly basis.
This results in a CRAM cap of 8 (100 / 50 * 4 = 8) and a current balance (on the first day of staking) of 0/8.
User can therefore accumulate up to 4 weeks of rewarded CRAM (2 CRAM per week * 4 weeks = CRAM cap of 8).
In the 4th week, user claims all 8 accumulated CRAM at one go.
This resets the 1 week countdown timer for generating weekly CRAM.
However, user must use or sell CRAM before being able to claim the next week's CRAM given that the user's current balance is maxed out at 8/8.
If user instead waits 5 weeks to accumulate his CRAM and claims it all in week 5.
User will only receive 8 CRAM (given the User's CRAM cap of 8) and the "additional" 2 CRAM for the 5th week is not created.
Example 2
If user stake 100 CRA Rewarded Weekly = 2 CRAM balance = 0/8 (on first day of staking).
If user go to TJ and buy 7.5 CRAM.
New CRAM balance is 7.5/8 and when user clicks Claim.
User will claim and receive 0.5 CRAM and remaining 1.5 CRAM is not created.
1 week countdown timer resets.

Unstaking Period

It takes 21 days to unlock your stake and you may unlock your stake at any time.
*CRA that is being unlocked are not rewarded with CRAM.
Unstaking more CRA before first unstake period is unlocked and claimed
*If user unstakes another batch of CRA before the first batch is unlocked and claimed, duration of the first stake will be extended for another 21 days at the start of the second unstake.

What can you use CRAM for?

For Battle Game Crabada Slots

Win Big in Lucky Draw !

Lucky Draw Information
  • Lucky Draw will be held at a fixed time every week
(Wednesday 12pm UTC — Monday 12pm UTC)
  • Results will be announced by Tuesdays, 12pm UTC
  • Lucky Draw will run for a duration of 18 weeks
  • Each week, 3 Genesis and 7 Pure Crabada will be up for grabs
  • One Ticket = One Amulet ($CRAM)
  • There are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase
  • 1 person with multiple tickets can win multiple times from different tickets
  • Each ticket can only win once
  • There are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase
  • Ticket Numbers bought will be in sequential order E.g. If you bought 1,000 Tickets, your Ticket numbers will be #823 to #1,822
  • Prizes that are not won will be shifted to future bonus draws after the 18 weeks (See section on “No Winner” below)
  • Purchased tickets are non-reversible and non-refundable
Click here for Lucky Draw Guide.
Click here to test your luck !

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