Crabada Whitepaper

Step 4: Swap to USDC.e on Avalanche Network (Swapping)

Example: Swap AVAX for USDC.e using Trader Joe

Note: Trader Joe is Avalanche-native decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • Swap From: Select AVAX
  • Swap To: Select USDC.e
  • Enter desired swap amount
  • Select Swap
(Note: You will need to leave some AVAX for gas fees)

Import USDC.e on Metamask Wallet

  • Select Import token
  • Copy and Paste Token Contract Address: 0xa7d7079b0fead91f3e65f86e8915cb59c1a4c664
  • Select Add custom token
  • Your USDC.e will now be displayed in your Metamask Wallet