Crabada Whitepaper

Whitelist Allocation Event (27 Oct 2021)

The Crabada Community Bootstrap Event will only be supported on desktop browsers with Metamask installed.
Please note:
  • Whitelists will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Users that are on the priority whitelist will not be able to whitelist themselves again (Go to next section)​
Step 1: Go to:​
Or: Visit and select Community Bootstrap Event under the Special Breeding Event section.
You will be directed to the Whitelist Allocation page.
Step 2: Select Sign up for Whitelist.
Step 3: Select Get Allocation.
You will be directed to an external link on
Step 4: Login with a valid email address (This email is required for receiving announcements regarding the Community Bootstrap Event)
Step 5: You need to complete 5 tasks (as shown below) to unlock a “Bonus Entry”:
  • Follow @PlayCrabada on Twitter
  • Retweet @PlayCrabada on Twitter
  • Join Crabada Telegram Channel
  • Join Crabada Discord Chat
  • Visit Crabada on Youtube
Step 6: Completion of tasks will unlock the “Bonus Entry”. Key in Metamask Wallet Address (AVAX RPC).
Check CRA Allocation
Step 7: You will be whitelisted after completion of Step 6, and if whitelist slots are still available. You can then check your allocated amount by clicking on Check Allocation after the Whitelist Event has ended.
Note: User will only be eligible for whitelist after user completes all steps, submits their wallet address, and if there are still whitelist slots available.
Users that have successfully whitelisted will be notified by email on 30 Oct 2021.