Crabada Whitepaper

Community Bootstrap Event

Congrats, you've successfully bought!

You should see two tokens in your wallet now. Here's some info about them:
CRA-X is used to redeem your CRA on 13th November
CRA-B is Breeding Coins for the Special Breeding Event on 13th November

I still see option to buy, can I buy more?

No, the contract WILL NOT let you.
Please do not try as it will waste your gas.
If Allocation Says 0 CRA, please don't try to buy.

What should I do now?

You're all set! There's nothing else for now until the 13th where you can redeem your CRA and spend your breeding coins.

Redeeming CRA on 13th November (12pm UTC)

You can come back to the bootstrap page where you did the community bootstrap event to collect your CRA. You will need to have CRA-X in your wallet.

Breeding your Crabada on 13th November (3pm UTC)

You can visit the breeding page to do it.

Stuck on page that doesn't let you buy?

Don't worry. Clear cache or wait awhile and try again. The window for completing it is 24 hours.