Crabada Whitepaper
General Info
A Fully Decentralized Play-and-Earn Idle Game
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Please stay safe and remain vigilant.
Crabada is an Undersea world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada. Crabada can be bred, and used in games to earn cryptocurrencies with real value.

Battle Game Guide


CRA (Crabada)

CRA is a governance token which is rewarded via staking, and playing the game during the incentive period.
Before the launch of the Idle game, CRA can be initially obtained through a Community Bootstrap Event, or via DEX after the Community Bootstrap Event.

TUS (Treasure Under Sea)

TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the game in the form of Mining, Looting and Lending Crabs via the Tavern. TUS can be earned through gameplay, or bought via DEX.
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